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Wow, my delays between making journals is increasing. I'll have to do something about that - most of the time I just make a two sentence Tumblr post and figure good enough.

Anyway. First things first - happy holiday season to everyone! Whether you celebrate Christmas or Kwanzaa or Hanukkah or New Years, hope this month is good to you and your family!

Now, I guess plans for this month have to be discussed. Right now I'm trying furiously to finish the DOTA 2 Juggernaut mask I was commissioned to make, because it's being taken to a con sometime in approximately a week and a half (22nd, I believe). It's epoxied on the inside at the moment, gotta epoxy the outside and then it's a lot of Bondo and sandpaper to get it smooth.

Aside from that, really all I'm foreseeing in the next 3 weeks is just a bunch of sewing. I've got presents for like 6 people to make, so hopefully I can get all that out of the way BEFORE January 1st, but knowing myself I'll probably mess it up and only give the people their stuff in February or some shit. I really want to start Touhorse plushies but I just can't get to them right now (and haven't been able to for the last couple months for various reasons) which is making me feel like a massive asshole.

Anyway. That's that! In cosplay news, not much new to tell the truth - Spike costume is coming along SUPER slow (Nastia's been busy with other stuff), I've been looking at my disassembled Nerf Strongarm and trying to get the energy and time to actually get it modded, but will likely have to put that off until January as well, so Mordecai no earlier than March-ish, I guess.
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Modern-Warmare Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013
Dude! Don't feel like an asshole! You're not even under any obligation to finish these at all. I'm not concerned about them! The holidays are chaotic for everyone, so just take it easy and be kind to yourself, okay? It'll happen when it'll happen.
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