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Hey guys.

Quick check-in to let you know what's happening.

On the plushie front:

1. I'm working on a Pinkie Pie plush right now, as well as an Octavia.

2. I've got some tweaks I'm planning on introducing into the pattern next time I touch it.

3. I've got a two-tone Cirno base for the Touhorse plushies I'm working with :iconmodern-warmare: to make. I'll make the head sometime soon. Other Touhorse stuff will be worked on as I have time to work on them.

4. I've got a few more crossovers in the pipeline that I really want to make. Small hint - my recent obsession with Street Fighter and fighting games in general is to blame. Also Neon Genesis Evangelion.

On the cosplay front:

1. I'm super busy lately and don't have much time to work on cosplay. We'll see.

2. I still have to finish the Juggernaut mask I'm making, and the Eiserne Drossel ringblade for Nastia's Soul Calibur 5 cosplay.

3. Oh yeah, and I have to make a horn and ears for a Cadance cosplayer by the 12th of this month. But that's small potatoes.
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Wow, my delays between making journals is increasing. I'll have to do something about that - most of the time I just make a two sentence Tumblr post and figure good enough.

Anyway. First things first - happy holiday season to everyone! Whether you celebrate Christmas or Kwanzaa or Hanukkah or New Years, hope this month is good to you and your family!

Now, I guess plans for this month have to be discussed. Right now I'm trying furiously to finish the DOTA 2 Juggernaut mask I was commissioned to make, because it's being taken to a con sometime in approximately a week and a half (22nd, I believe). It's epoxied on the inside at the moment, gotta epoxy the outside and then it's a lot of Bondo and sandpaper to get it smooth.

Aside from that, really all I'm foreseeing in the next 3 weeks is just a bunch of sewing. I've got presents for like 6 people to make, so hopefully I can get all that out of the way BEFORE January 1st, but knowing myself I'll probably mess it up and only give the people their stuff in February or some shit. I really want to start Touhorse plushies but I just can't get to them right now (and haven't been able to for the last couple months for various reasons) which is making me feel like a massive asshole.

Anyway. That's that! In cosplay news, not much new to tell the truth - Spike costume is coming along SUPER slow (Nastia's been busy with other stuff), I've been looking at my disassembled Nerf Strongarm and trying to get the energy and time to actually get it modded, but will likely have to put that off until January as well, so Mordecai no earlier than March-ish, I guess.
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Damn guys, it's been a while since we spoke. I apologize, I've been really busy with work lately - working overtime many days because it's really hectic right now, we're mad overloaded. Thankfully we should have some newbies starting soon that will share the load, but it's probably still going to be tough going for a couple months. Ah well, at least I got a raise recently, so the next month I can look forward to a fatter regular paycheck.

Stuff that's been going on:

- Making slow progress with pony plushes. Finished up a gray head for the gray "test" pony I made with the modified pattern. The head is slightly modified but is still more or less the standard ValleyViolet pattern. I had made a few tests that I hoped would give me a more natural shape with less noticeable seam lines and darting but they didn't work out so great. The gray pony will end up being Octavia so I'll get started on her hair and tail soon enough.

- Ordered a replica Jericho 941. This is for my Spike Spiegel cosplay. I figure hey, I might as well treat myself to a new toy AND get something to motivate me to move forward with the costume. I'm slowly getting stuff together - everything will be custom made except the shoes, and the first thing is probably going to be the yellow shirt (it's got a special collar). Going to get fabric for it soon, and after that I'll pass it off to my wonderful girlfriend Nastia so she can try her hand at patterning it up and sewing it.

- Disassembled my Nerf Strongarm and started sanding it. This will be the basis of a Borderlands-themed weapon for my Mordecai cosplay. For this particular one, I'm thinking Bandit, with a big old blade stuck under the barrel, and some other customization (along with a paintjob).

- Started work on a DOTA 2 Juggernaut mask. This is for a dude I know. I'll post progress pics when I can.

- Got some character design sketches from :iconmodern-warmare: for our collaborative pony plush series. I'm really trying to nail down my pattern before I start making actual plushes, though - nothing worse than making something you aren't super proud of.
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Akim Vasiliev
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Just your average 23-year-old. I sometimes cosplay, oftentimes play music in various local bands, mess around with motorcycles and cars when I have the money, and do other stuff that is typical for males in the 18-35 age group. Oh, and I make plush toys. :meow:

Because my girlfriend cosplays and her output is so much more prodigious than mine (because I am lazy, and she isn't), I will often upload her cosplays here. That's just to clear up any questions about why I have a lot of deviations uploaded that do not contain me.

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